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A long lasting investment.


  • screwbox

    No more long screw damage.

  • screwbox

    No more looking on the ground for tiny screws.

  • screwbox

    Never close another device without all the correct screws again.

What is ScrewBox 2.0?

Screw Box is the most intelligent way to have every
single screw at your disposal in an organized manner.

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How does it work ?

You will receive 2 boxes and one manual. The manual has a picture of every single iPhone, and each screw comes with a number. These numbers are unique screw IDs found in one of the boxes you will receive.

How many screws do I get ?

We have selected a quantity between 25 and 100 units per screw ID. This is based on the likeliness of you utilizing such screw.

Can I refill them ?

Yes, you will be able to refill them at . Refill products will be available about 30 days after launch. We trust you will take longer than 30 days to go through the entire box!

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Download the manual

Find out the contents of the box and follow the instructions to know where to place each of the screw models.

Download file