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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your return policy?

Lets face it, even though we have a strict quality control on the parts and test before being shipped, there are occasional hiccups. We know the frustration in returns that many companies face whether its a return or an exchange so we have decided to change this. Lifetime Warranty! We allow returns and exchanges on all items regardless of timeframe when you receive your merchandise. Yes, we actually refund you the money back if an items comes defective based on the current selling price of the product. We do however generally do exchanges as most companies would like to get their product as soon as possible. Please let us know in advance or in the return box, indicating that you would like a refund instead of an exchange. No more RMA or any paperwork needed to ship us back in order for the returns to be approved (Although that option is convenient for us and available in your "My Account" Page). Please indicate your customer information when you do ship to us. Please note, if your looking for a refund, we refund based on our selling price today. If your receiving your product in exchange, we will have your product exchanged within 24 Hours.


What does your lifetime warranty cover ?

Merchandise must meet a set of criteria in order to qualify for a lifetime warranty. This includes items that are deemed defective, items that gradually incur defects over a period of time, items that have been subject to manufacturing failures, along with everyday damage, wear and tear. The lifetime warranty excludes a number of other sources of damage, including negligent product use(ie LCD Damage, Ripped Flex), natural disasters, or damage caused by liquid exposure. Please contact us one of our customer services representatives if you have any other questions on our warranty.


Do you charge a restocking fee?

No, we do not. Whenever you return parts to us, you will be credited based on the current selling price or the original purchase price whichever is lower. There will be no restocking fee charged.

4:How long can delivery take for my order ?

Our staff is ready to ship out your products after your order has been confirmed via phone, email or online sale. Orders placed before 5PM EST will ship same day for standard FedEx Ground Packages and 8PM EST will ship same day for standard FedEx Overnight/2-Day Packages.

5:Are your prices wholesale?

Yes, all of our prices listed on the site are already set at a wholesale margin since we do not sell to end consumers and only sell to businesses.

6:Do you have a buyback program for cracked glass displays?

Yes, we do offer a buyback program and the prices do vary for each different LCD. Many customers throw these away and find this useless but our recycling program puts more money in your pocket and gives you a competitive advantage over your competitor. Please have the Recycling LCDs shipped to our warehouse and generally within 2-3 business days, we will be able to give you the results of the buyback via E-Mail. We now offer a BuyBack not only through store credit but a credit transfer also through PayPal. Please contact us for more information.